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The past couple of decades have seen a marked transformation in work-culture and in the way the corporate-world has transformed. The advancement in technology, coupled with the positive changes in the field of education, has given more visibility to various options that people have today, as far as earning a livelihood is concerned. The mindset has remarkably shifted from wanting to work for someone to wanting to be one’s own boss. And this has brought about a massive spurt in the number of startups and has also notably displayed an increase in the number of SMEs (Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises). With this increase in the number of players in the open market, the competition has become extremely cut-throat. And the unspoken norm remains survival of the fittest!

The stakeholders in a SME would be constantly on their toes trying to optimize their resources and trying to get the best value for their money, and the single best way of doing this is by having comprehensive control over all the aspects of the organization to begin with.

This is where SUHUB fits in! It is a SaaS-based quick go-to-market solution blended with the best practices and main features to help business owners start their sales directly with a click of a button.

SUHUB was an idea conceived in 2018. Phase 1 development was of a basic website that would be an easy and quick go-to-market solution for SMEs. Then the project was put on a halt, as it did not see a lot of traction.

Came 2020, the Covid-19 situation compelled the market to adapt to the “new normal” and today, more and more businesses are moving their shops online. And needless to say, shoppers are also excitedly and increasingly shifting to online shopping en masse. This gave us a 2nd chance to work and develop SUHUB as per the need of the market.

SUHUB is overlooked by the Chief Operations Officer of KUWAITNET, Muhammad Hrishiah who believes that success is a state of mind and a meaningful motivator for creating and leading innovations and solutions that define our uniqueness and justify our existence. For more than 12 years and more, he has had numerous opportunities to present and defend novel ideas that were subsequently implemented after business recognized their benefits to the organization's clientele. It is Muhammad's unique talent to come up with a streamlined process that helped SUHUB develop into a complete product.

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SUHUB is an innovative product that combines the quick go-to-market benefit of SaaS-based options and customizable web development. It is a one-stop solution that helps you scale up your business with an effective cost matrix aligned with your business needs. SUHUB is supported by an ongoing support program covering software and hardware challenges of going online. This solution is a blend of the best practices in the industry enabling business owners to start their sales directly with a click of a button.

In KUWAITNET we believe opening up innovation to all people across the company, it gives the team the chance to come up with umpteen ideas as they are on the field interacting with our clients.

If you would like to share an idea, contact us at [email protected]