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Cloudflare: Security, Reliability
and Performance all in one package

Date of partnership: 2019

We believe Innovation is the key to success in this digital age. KUWAITNET has always partnered with leaders in their field and hence our partnership with Cloudflare which is forward-thinking, and a leader in providing security solutions for infrastructure and applications. Cloudflare protects and accelerates anything connected to the Internet by offering integrated security, performance, reliability, and insights — all from one unified network.

What joint value proposition do KUWAITNET and Cloudflare offer the market?
As a tech-driven company, KUWAITNET holds a remarkable share in hosting, app development and payment solutions. Along with this, we were looking for a solution that wouldn't compromise our security from the various online threats. That is how we started our journey with Cloudflare to secure and ensure the reliability of external-facing resources such as websites, APIs, and applications for KUWAITNET's esteemed customers from SMB to enterprise, catering advanced security, performance and reliability features to private & government sectors. This is the era of the Internet, we foresee that together KUWAITNET & Cloudflare can protect Kuwait online market from vulnerable attacks.

Cloudflare benefits across verticals


- Secure customer data
- Improve customer experience with high app availability at global scale
- Improved App performance
- API compatible


- Improve revenue with higher buyer engagement
- Reduce risks and prevent fraudulent activity
- Ensure uptime and reliability
- Lower operational cost

Financial Service

- Protect brand with secured customer data
- Prevent fraudulent activity
- Ensure uptime and reliability
- Improve App performance


- Protect brands by securing the games
- Accelerate game delivery and performance
- Build serverless apps
- Ensure uptime and reliability

Public Sector

- Protect against malicious traffic
- Accelerated performance
- Protect sensitive data
- Increase cost savings


- Reduce revenue loss by protecting against malicious traffic
- Ensure uptime and reliability
- Protect sensitive data

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Helping build a better

  • Easy-to-use, flexible, and scalable
  • Unified control plane
  • Serverless cloud architecture
  • Cloud, hybrid, on-premise, and SaaS applications
  • Broad integrated product platform
  • 20m+
  • Internet properties
  • 200
  • Cities and 90+ countries
  • 72b
  • Cyber threats blocked each
    day in Q2’19
  • 99%
  • Of the Internet-connected population in the
    developed world population is located within
    100 milliseconds of our network

Cloudflare provides the
unified control plane for
the network layer across
multi-cloud or hybrid

ibm cloud
Run Custom Logic
Run Custom Logic

Write JavaScript to control requests and customize responses as they pass through the Cloudflare network using Cloudflare Workers.

Develop New Applications
Develop New Applications

Develop applications on top of the Cloudflare network and distribute them on internet properties using the Cloudflare App Store.

Configure Cloudflare Services
Configure Cloudflare Services

Deploy configuration changes with ease by using the Cloudflare API or Terraform integration.