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Talal AlAwadhi

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Talal is a recognized expert in Blue Ocean Strategy, capturing markets and utilizing balanced scorecards which augments to achieve strategy based execution. He is well-versed in a range of technology fields, including fintech, cloud, e-commerce, domains, internet infrastructure, online payments and innovative technology. His renowned capability to deliver premium financial platform such as Ottu has enabled businesses in the region to scale and grow.

Throughout his time providing winning industry solutions for the fintech and innovative technology, Talal’s focus has been on value-creation for customers. Talal has worked in most organizations and startups where this factor has been the driving force. With his proven leadership in his field making him an invaluable asset and highly regarded innovation expert.

Under his leadership, Ottu has also been selected for the award for the best Fintech Company from the 25 Fintech companies in the Middle East for 2022. This achievement is in lieu with how Ottu has been revolutionizing the fintech industry in the Middle East. It is a proud moment for the leadership team and its employees as it is breaking down the barriers for its merchants.

Talal’s adept strategic direction for his company and his creation of highly efficient business modeling have resulted in the forging of strong and rewarding business partnerships and facilitated successful growth and expansion. His position at the helm of Ottu involves him in creating a culture of growth and financial probity that enhances his organisation’s operations, further engendering confidence and restructuring the fintech arena.

Talal holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Kuwait University, College of Business Administration and an MBA from London Business School.

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Payment Solutions


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  • KSA -
  • Qatar -
  • UAE -
  • Oman -
  • Egypt -
  • India


Ottu is a unique platform that makes online selling, billing, and getting paid seamless, smart, and safe.

It is seamless because it enables merchants to create payment links, schedule one-off or recurring payments, send payment reminders to multiple users over multiple channels, cancel payment requests, monitor transactions, manage payment gateways and generate reconciliation reports, all from a single dashboard.

The Unique selling point is that Ottu charges by subscription, not by commission on transactions. It is a platform made in the Middle East for the Middle East, the brainchild of one of the region’s foremost payments experts, and whose subscribers include some of its most important banks and companies. In a business landscape disrupted by fintech, Ottu helps regional businesses and banks to stay competitive.


  • Modular Design - (our platform enables you to connect multiple payment gateways for your multiple channels)
  • Smart dashboard - Business Analytics,Monitoring, Easy reconciliation
  • Direct API - Embed our developer-friendly, RESTful APIs to your channels to launch a payment solution
  • E-commerce Plugins - Access robust payment capabilities with our standard plugins that enable you to connect all e-commerce platforms
  • Send Payment Links
  • Subscription Billing
  • Promotions

In KUWAITNET we believe opening up innovation to all people across the company, it gives the team the chance to come up with umpteen ideas as they are on the field interacting with our clients.

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