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Before most businesses were even online, we were there waiting. Where some see only challenges, we're innovating solutions. As Kuwait's first homegrown IT innovation partner, we were born with this drive to push the status quo, to look forward, to break new ground, and shape what's next.

The Innovation Division is the Research, Development, Innovation, and Technology Transfer arm of the company. It is where we either individually or via strategic partnering, create and develop intellectual property (knowledge, products and services) through the innovation trajectory from initial stages of conceptual design and basic research to the final stages of field testing and market entrance. Innovation is built into the DNA.

Koutbo6 was Developed with 100% Kuwaiti talent. The game is a Mixture of interactive multi-player games and social networking applications. It is by far one of the largest/Most recognized Kuwaiti/Middle Eastern social gaming website.

It was established in 2003, with a rapidly aging customer base KUWAITNET saw the need to turn the ship around before it hit the iceberg. KUWAITNET acquired KoutBo6.com in 2016 and renamed to Duwaween Games. We focused on making the game into a regional software powerhouse that can compete globally with the best and brightest the world has to offer.

To end up with the innovation initially envisioned, it’s necessary to knock down the barriers that stand between a great idea and the end-user. Resources and capabilities must be marshaled to make sure a new product or service can be delivered quickly at the desired volume and quality.

We decided to try a new development technique this time, where we split the development very cleanly to minimize bottlenecks. We worked on the coding and game-play design, also focusing on the thematic content of the game. Innovation is simply a novel way of combining things, both new and pre-existing, to create value for your customers, not the process of inventing something new.

Our innovation Lab has been truly catalytic for us. Our goal has always been to roll out products that are unique, innovative, and are on the path to become industry leaders. We have been able to apply new technologies, gauge emerging threats, and apply potential tools for disruption of the status quo.

















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With the rich experience gathered over the years, we innovated a SaaS-based payment solutions platform and re-branded ourselves as “Ottu”, with the vision of expanding worldwide to stay abreast with technological and innovative advancements.

Ottu offers various additional services in the online payment space by evolving the digital payment pipe - KNPay to a more comprehensive payments solutions platform.

Our over the top services include payment links over multiple communication channels - SMS/WhatsAPP/email, recurring payments, micro-e-commerce and are preferred by the industry leaders.

Today, we are serving large enterprises and SMEs and have been consistently exceeding their expectations by providing new modules which are being innovated along the journey with no additional cost - a key advantage of SaaS platforms..
We restlessly focus on innovating new services and solutions that are more robust, stable and secure.

KMSGer is a communication middleware that enables the client to communicate
with its customers on multiple channels ie: SMS, email, push notifications,
web push and Whatsapp at a single given time, by integrating on a single API.

Common features for all channels.

Send and schedule Messages through Multiple channels at the same time. Send event triggered notification “SMS, Email, Webs Push and WhatsApp”


Configure multiple service providers, set a default service
provider to send bulk SMS or notifications.

Email Service

Email- Set bilingual templates in EN/AR, Send bulk emails with different templates.

Email to other channel : Email to SMS (channel) is a form of technology that converts
standard emails into SMS(channel) messages. Once your email client is customised,
you will be able to send SMS(channel) messages directly to your intended recipients, with the simple click of a button. Channels can be SMS, Whatsapp, Push or Web push

Push Notifications (Mobile and Web)

Configure multiple Apps on the system, broadcast push notification to all users.

Web Push messages to all subscribed users.

Whatsapp (beta*)

Configure Whatsapp business account on the platform, send & receive Whatsapp messages.

TTS - Text to Speech

A.Multilingual voices
B.Pre-recorded Audio files

-Flexibility for easy modifications of software , separation of interface from applications

-Easily customized on all components




-Independence of layers, database

-Mature & well-tested efficient, reliable


Innovation — in thoughts, processes, approaches, and strategies — has been a critical factor for all the divisions in KUWAITNET. Digital technologies are ubiquitous and highly configurable – a powerful combination because it allows us to empower our customers anytime and anywhere.

We set out to create something different. The journey started as a small “In-house Innovation project” but soon we identified the biggest challenge in the e-commerce ecosystem that needed an immediate solution for seamless integration of online payment gateways viz: KNET, Credit Cards (Cybersource, Migs, Amex etc). In 2015, we decided to build innovative SAAS based Online payment middle-ware that connects to major payment gateways and provided simple APIs to integrate with your e-commerce website and mobile applications.

We’re not satisfied with the status quo. We believe there is always a better way. A better way to accept payments. A better way to design the customer experience. A better way to sell globally. A better way to help businesses like yours grow.