KUWAITNET’s unique approach to Infrastructure Services enables companies to connect solutions and services and implement integrated solutions across their IT division. The main stratums for an infrastructure is Applications, Management tools, Servers and Storage. KUWAITNET’s team designs your required infrastructure from servers, clusters, networks and storage setup. A good infrastructure can really increase the reliability of a system by pointing out the problems prior to the exigency improving the quality and decreasing losses.

Infrastructure definition in IT is much like its general form it is framework for a system or environment which is composed of both software and hardware resources specifications and behavior of a system is decided by its infrastructure.

For sustainability an infrastructure should be integrated with the environment and optimized with the system. KUWAITNET’s team is highly conscious in designing an optimum infrastructure for your system promising reliability, efficiency and compatibility.

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Assessment, Eng & Roadmaps

Assessment, Eng & Roadmaps

Understanding current state and the gaps to desired end state is key to all IT projects and business transformation. We can help you analyze your load, efficiency and security risks, select which workload to migrate to public cloud, understand your production pipeline, or build you a 5-year technology roadmap. Our team can help you identify performance issues, re-architect and tune environments to appropriately manage business demands, recommend and action the best response when problems arise.

Architecture Design, Deployment & Migration

Leveraging a combination of leading-edge technologies from KUWAITNET partners and in-depth consulting and architecture from KUWAITNET team, The team design and deploy client solutions that deliver business success, moreover, they assist the client to migrate any existing workload with the required engineering process and plans.

Support & Managed Infrastructure services

Managing colocated infrastructure on your own while keeping up with today’s IT demands can be complex, costly and time consuming. KUWAITNET Managed Infrastructure Services can simplify deliver dynamic remote management services for a broad range of traditional and cloud infrastructures. KUWAITNET uses an advanced automation and analytics to manage critical infrastructure components worldwide.

Project & Program Management

KUWAITNET’s skilled and experienced project management office (PMO) de-risks client IT projects, and ensures they are delivered on-time, within budget, and with the highest quality. Our PMO can also assist you with long-term project planning, helping you prioritize and scope future endeavours to get you to market faster. KUWAITNET’s PMO acts as the single point of contact for all customer escalations, changes, and feedback, ensuring your project continues at pace. KUWAITNET can provide you with any workflows, templates, and checklists you require to help you to institute more effective processes and stay nimble even as project demands change.

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