Cloud services

Owing to our experience in IT management in Kuwait and partnership with Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, we can assist you to select the cloud provider that best suits your business and prioritize which applications should first land there and how. We asses your business and help you migrate your workload to the cloud, in turn, increasing the overall profitability of your business as it gives you more time to focus on the problem areas and not the infrastructure around it. Why Choose Cloud Solutions
- Permanent product evolution, upgrades, and updates, and best practice implementation
- 'Public' doesn't mean 'open': every project deployed in the public cloud is separated and protected
- Maximum redundancy of your system designed at the cloud infrastructure level.
- Amazing high-speed exchange of external and internal data.

How We help

  • Cloud Migration
  • Road Map Assessment and Engineering
  • Architecture Planning and Design
  • Cloud Deployment & Integration
  • Support & Managed Infrastructure Services
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Partners & Technology:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Container
  • Docker