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Free consultancy worth of $ 10,000

Gain instant benefits from the cloud across your business.

Early cloud adoption approaches were primarily focused on migrations or greenfield applications, but there exists an entire generation of modern applications that can benefit from cloud technologies.Through leveraging serverless or container platforms, these applications can almost instantly benefit from the scalability, reliability, and cost effectiveness of the cloud.

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Considering Cloud Migration
Business Case

Develop a Business Case that will help you to make faster and smarter migration decisions.

Assess & Evaluate

This will help you project the cost and savings of running your on-premises workloads in the AWS cloud.

Strategize and Plan

Choose the right migration strategy and plan it.

Solution Architecture

Our AWS Certified Professionals will design optimal architecture based on the assessment report.

Cloud Review and Cost Optimization Assessment
Cloud Review

This is a thorough assessment of your cloud architecture by AWS-certified experts to ensure it meets cloud best practices and AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Cost Optimization Assessment

Get a detailed report on your AWS account costs and on ways how you can reduce them. As a one-time offer, you pay 50% of the money that you save in your two months if acting on our recommendations.

Our recommendations might include insights into right-sizing your resources, removing idle or not used resources, and more.

This offer is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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