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Transform your business with Amazon Web Services

KN leverages AWS’ remarkable capabilities across the board to help our customers in the region to innovate, grow their business, and harness opportunities in a cost model that suits their needs and optimizes their future resiliency.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) opens office in Kuwait

AWS is making strides in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by opening up a new office in Kuwait. AWS aims to serve its expanding customer base locally and across the region to support the growing number of customers and committed partners in Kuwait , such as KUWAITNET, whom advocate for an articulated cloud journey.


AWS Launches Region in the United Arab Emirates

As part of its commitment to customers across the region, AWS added a new Middle East Region, notably a UAE region, with three availability zones. The upcoming UAE region marks AWS’ second Middle Eastern region launch, fulfilling needs of flexibility and convenience for customers.


At KUWAITNET, we leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate the e-commerce journey to the cloud. Our partnership with AWS advances the maturity of e-commerce workloads by putting cost-optimization, customization, security, and agility at the cornerstone of what we do. The transformative power of AWS can help customers pivot from a traditional, static model to a dynamically scalable experience. The e-commerce customer journey on AWS cloud spans five phases, from discovery to continued support, as illustrated.

  • Collect background and identify a mapping from the platform’s key requirements to suitable features

  • Plan
  • 01
  • Promote modern design practices by incorporating de-coupled/ serverless architectures

  • Strategy
  • 02
  • Architect elastic and adaptive AWS solutions by incorporating AWS managed services for a resilient offering

  • Architect
  • 03
  • Automate the deployment using various tools like CloudFormation

  • Build / Deploy
  • 04
  • Monitor and optimize the infrastructure by refining the lifecycle management plan for the solution’s key components

  • Manage / Support
  • 05

KUWAITNET actively guides clients to navigate their organization’s baseline business continuity requirements by setting clear disaster recovery (DR) objectives, specially tailored for the AWS cloud landscape. The evolving disaster recovery strategies on the cloud hold many advantages over legacy models, including simplified processes, intuitive and iterative DR testing methods, and enhanced recovery time. The below is a high-level overview of the DR experience on the AWS cloud.

  • Understand the infrastructure and outline any risks

  • Create Context
  • 01
  • Conduct a Business Impact Analysis to set clear expectations of existing operational limitations

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • 02
  • Architect a comprehensive DR plan based on RTO & RPO parameter requirements

  • Requirement Definition
  • 03
  • The CloudEndure tool is employed to provide disaster recovery to AWS from any physical, virtual, or cloud-based infrastructure

  • Replication
  • 04
  • Create a blueprint of the DR infrastructure. The CloudEndure will be using this blueprint to launch the DR infrastructure

  • Blueprint of Target Machines
  • 05
  • Test the complete DR set-up periodically to close any underlying gaps

  • DR Drills
  • 06

KUWAITNET actively guides clients to navigate their organization’s baseline security and business continuity requirements by setting clear disaster recovery (DR) objectives especially crafted for the AWS cloud landscape. The evolving disaster recovery strategies on the cloud hold many advantages over outdated legacy schemas, including eliminating recovery complexity, intuitive and iterative testing methods, reduced operational costs, and enhanced recovery time through automation. The below is a high-level overview of the AWS DR experience.

  • Assess the organization’s cloud readiness and develop a business case for migration using Migration Evaluator

  • Assess
  • 01
  • Choose the right strategy based on “The 6 R’s”:

    1. Rehosting 
    2. Replatforming
    3. Repurchasing 
    4. Re-architecting 
    5. Retire 
    6. Retain 

  • Strategize
  • 02
  • Create a migration plan and refine your business case using services like Application Discovery Services and Control Tower

  • Mobilize
  • 03
  • Each application is designed, migrated, and validated with tools like CloudEndure, Application Migration Service, and Database Migration Service

  • Migrate
  • 04
  • Support deployed resources with periodic performance checks

  • Manage / Support
  • 05

If you’re looking for AWS experts – you’ve found them!
Our technical team’s comprehensive knowledge of AWS cloud and its services is the prime reason for our long-standing partnership with AWS. KUWAITNET provides thorough analysis, systematic assessment, cloud strategy, architecture design, and implementation solutions to support customers towards their journey to the cloud.

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  • Advanced Tier Services
  • Authorized Commercial Reseller
  • AWS Public Sector Partner
  • APN Immersion Days
Our AWS Certifications

Why AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully-featured services across data centers globally. Millions of customers including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

What joint value proposition do KUWAITNET and AWS offer the market?

We feel proud to be associated with Amazon Partner Network, and for achieving AWS Advanced Consulting partner with our Certified Architects, Sales, and DevOps professionals. Our Amazon certified professionals provide consultations that help you establish your business online, build high-quality mobile applications on the cloud and Accelerate your business transformation by unlocking the potential of Cloud technology.


Companies in every vertical use cloud computing for numerous applications such as software development, disaster recovery, emails, virtual desktops, testing, backup date, and hosting customer-facing applications. Example - Startups can use AWS to establish their online business. Healthcare companies are using the cloud to develop more personalized treatments for patients. The financial sector uses it for real-time fraud detection and prevention.


Being an Advanced Consulting Partner, we effectively accelerate the customer’s navigation of the AWS portfolio by designing, building and managing their solution workloads on the cloud. KUWAITNET’s attribution to this partnership category equips us with the know-how and expertise to act in a technical advisory capacity. Our exposure to a wealth of resources and programs makes us the ideal driving force for enabling customer success at every step of the process. Our AWS certified professionals are well-versed in cloud architecture design and deployment best practices. We do conduct AWS workshops program for our customers called Immersion Days, which will help them to understand and experience more about AWS. This program includes custom presentations, hands-on labs sessions, and many more tools to engage our customers with the AWS ecosystem elements first-hand.

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